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We Must Report Genocide

Why we must report genocide - history ignored yields history repeated. Ignoring genocide increases the likelihood of more genocidal atrocities. Further, genocide ignoring is far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial or holocaust denial because the latter at least admit the possibility of debate.

The Report Genocide website is dedicated to reporting past and ongoing genocides and in particular those that are subject to holocaust ignoring, holocaust denial, genocide ignoring or genocide denial by Mainstream media , academics and politicians in the holocaust complicit, holocaust ignoring , holocaust denying, genocide complicit, genocide ignoring and genocide denying Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies.

This site is inspired by the example of Polish hero Jan Karski who attempted to inform a disbelieving world about the WW2 Jewish Holocaust as it was happening (see: “Jan Karski”: ; “Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World” by Jan Karski - review by Peter Conrad, UK Guardian, 8 May 2011: ; “Jan Karski: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust”, by E. Thomas Wood and Stanislaw M. Jankowski ( Wiley, 1996): ; “Jan Karski”:
) .

The genocides reported here range from 19th century and other European colonial atrocities to the worsening Climate Genocide that is set to kill 10 billion people this century due to unaddressed, man-made climate change.

Thus both Dr James Lovelock FRS (Gaia hypothesis) and Professor Kevin Anderson ( Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, UK) have recently estimated that only about 0.5 billion people will survive this century due to unaddressed, man-made global warming. Noting that the world population is expected to reach 9.5 billion by 2050 (UN Population Division) , these estimates translate to a climate genocide involving deaths of 10 billion people this century, this including roughly twice the present population of particular mainly non-European groups, specifically 6 billion under-5 year old infants, 3 billion Muslims in a terminal Muslim Holocaust, 2 billion Indians, 1.3 billion non-Arab Africans, 0.5 billion Bengalis, 0.3 billion Pakistanis and 0.3 billion Bangladeshis. [1].

Already 16 million people (about 9.5 million of them under-5 year old infants) die avoidably every year due to deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease – and man-made global warming is already clearly worsening this global avoidable mortality holocaust. However 10 billion avoidable deaths due to global warming this century yields an average annual avoidable death rate of 100 million per year. [2].

Collective, national responsibility for this already commenced Climate Holocaust is in direct proportion to per capita national pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases (GHGs). Indeed, fundamental to any international agreement on national rights to pollute our common atmosphere and oceans should be the belief that “all men are created equal”. However reality is otherwise: “annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution” in units of “tonnes CO2-equivalent per person per year” (2005-2008 data) is 0.9 (Bangladesh), 0.9 (Pakistan), 2.2 (India), less than 3 (many African and Island countries), 3.2 (the Developing World), 5.5 (China), 6.7 (the World), 11 (Europe), 16 (the Developed World), 27 (the US) and 30 (Australia; or 54 if Australia’s huge Exported CO2 pollution is included). [3, 4].

However there is also a past carbon pollution debt for carbon pollution from the start of the Industrial Revolution 2 centuries ago. European First World countries are responsible for about 73% of historical carbon pollution of the atmosphere from 1751-2006,with India, Japan and China contributing 2.5%, 3.9% and 8.2%, respectively. [5].

A further measure of responsibility into the future comes from proposals to limit GHG pollution put to the recent Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP15) that was successfully sabotaged by 2 of the World’s worst per capita GHG polluters, Australia and the US, acting in collaboration with other major polluters.

The fairest plan at the Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP15) has been the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) proposal for "55% of 1990 levels by 2020 for Developed Countries" which means that Developed Countries’ per capita would go from 16 to 6.5 tonnes CO2-e per person per year while Developing Countries would "in aggregate aim to achieve significant deviations from baselines by 2020” i.e. less than a predicted 3.8 for the Developing World by 2020. [6].

The UN Draft Proposal is for a less just Developed 2020 per capita of 7.1- 8.9 from the present 16 but the US has proposed a 2020 per capita for itself of 12.4 from its current 27. [6].

The most unjust plan at Copenhagen comes from world's worst per capita GHG polluter, Australia, which has made a highly conditional best offer of "75% of 2000 value by 2020" which would mean that Australia's domestic per capita would go from 30 to 17.2 in 2020 and its domestic plus exported per capita would INCREASE 15% from 54 to 62 tonnes CO2-e per person per year in 2020. [4, 6, 7].

Holocaust simply means death of a huge number of people as exampled by the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million people killed, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation), the WW2 Holocaust in general (30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies killed), the WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death by the British) and the 35 million Chinese killed associated with the Japanese occupation of China in the1930s and 1940s. [2].

However the definition of “genocide” by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention involves Assessment of “intent’ by those responsible: states “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: a) Killing members of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” [8].

“Intent” to commit mass murder is only rarely explicitly expressed. Thus British writer, patriot and genocidal racist Charles Dickens expressed a desire to exterminate the Indian people after the so-called Indian Mutiny of 1857:: “I wish I were Commander in Chief over there [India]! I would address that Oriental character which must be powerfully spoken to, in something like the following placard, which should be vigorously translated into all native dialects, “I, The Inimitable, holding this office of mine, and firmly believing that I hold it by the permission of Heaven and not by the appointment of Satan, have the honor to inform you Hindoo gentry that it is my intention, with all possible avoidance of unnecessary cruelty and with all merciful swiftness of execution, to exterminate the Race from the face of the earth, which disfigured the earth with the late abominable atrocities [2,000 British killed in the 1857 Indian War of Independence aka the 1857 Indian Mutiny]”. [9].

In the event, the British killed an estimated 10 million Indians as reprisals for the so-called Indian Mutiny. [10, 11].

“Intent” in genocide can also be established by sustained, remorseless complicity in mass avoidable death – as exampled by Nazi German responsibility for the WW2 Genocide of Slavs, Jews and Gypsies (1939-1945) , Japanese responsibility for the Chinese Genocide of the 1930s and 1940s and British responsibility for the WW2 Bengali Genocide, 1943-1945. [12].

Sustained, remorseless “intent” to kill literally billions of non-Europeans through global warming is apparent in the sustained, remorseless pollution of the a atmosphere by the First World and by First World refusal at the disastrous 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference to emplace legally-binding effective carbon pollution measures in the face of dire warnings from the world scientific community. [13].

Just as violent mass murder, mass paeodocide and genocide invite genocide trials before the International Criminal Court, so does remorseless commitment by the First World to climate holocaust and climate genocide. Indeed a formal complaint has been made to the International Criminal Court over Australian complicity in the ongoing Aboriginal Genocide (9,000 avoidable deaths annually out of an Indigenous Australian population of 0.5 million), Iraqi Genocide (4.4 million violent and non-violent excess deaths, 1990-2009), Afghan Genocide (4.5 million violent and non-violent excess deaths, 2001-2009) and Climate Genocide (10 billion predicted to die this century). [14].

This site represents a valuable resource for decent, civilized humanity – it documents expert, authoritative opinions of decent, anti-racist humanitarians ranging from concerned citizens like Kim Kardashian who demands recognition of the Armenaian Genocide that killed 1.5 million of her people [15] ; honest and humane scholars reported past and continuing holocausts and genocides such as the "forgotten" WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million killed) [16] and the ongoing but resolutely ignored ongoing Iraqi Genocide (4.6 million war-related deaths) [17], the Afghan Genocide (5.6 million war-related deaths) [18], the Palestinian Genocide (0.3 million excess deaths, 7 million refugees) [19, the Australian Aboriginal Genocide (2 million excess deaths since 1788) [20], the Indian Holocaust (1.8 billion excess deaths, 1757-1947) [21, 22] and the ongoing Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide (0.6 billion excess deaths since 1950) [23] ; and leading climate scientists, climate economists, climate analysts and world figures who predict a massive, knowingly and deliberately caused death toll from a 10 billion victim Climate Genocide from unaddressed, man-made global warming this century [24].

This site also records those historians who have failed to notice these genocidal atrocities. Thus, for example, while non-historian Kim Kardashian has spoken out about the Armenia Genocide, given an estimate of how many people died (1.5 million) and enunciated the core message that genocide ignoring may lead to further genocides, leading Australian historian Professor Geoffrey Blainey (Companion of the Order of Australia and formerly of the University of Melbourne) totally ignored the Armenian Genocide in his books “A Short History if the World” (Viking 2000), “A Very Short History of Australia” (Viking, 2004) and “The Great Seesaw. A new view of the Western World, 1750-2000” (Macmillan, 1988) and indeed all the other genocidal atrocities listed above except for the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million killed, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) that was part of the WW2 Holocaust in general that killed 30 million Slavs, Jews and Gypsies and the WW2 Bengal Famine (that he actually mentions on p170 of “The Great Seesaw. A new view of the Western World, 1750-2000”) . Of course eminent Australian historian Professor Blainey is not peculiar in these omissions which have been also variously made by an overwhelming majority of historians, writers and journalists in the English-speaking world.

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