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Armenian Genocide: 1.5 million killed but US, Turkey, Zionists, Apartheid Israel deny in continuing genocide denial

History ignored yields history repeated. Genocide ignored yields genocide repeated. Armenian American celebrity beauty Kim Kardashian understands this despite not having attended college, and passionately publicizes the Armenian Genocide (see (see Kim Kardashian, “Time to recognize the Armenian Genocide”, Celebuzz, 21 April 2011: ). However the US, Turkey, the Zionists, Apartheid Israel and mainstream historians, politicians and media variously ignore, censor or deny this atrocity in which 1.5 million Armenians were killed.
The Armenian Genocide (1915-1923) followed the Namibian Genocide (1904-1907) in which the Germans murdered 0.1 million Namas and Hereros in South West Africa. 1.5 million Armenians perished in the Turkish-imposed Armenian Genocide (1915-1923). However Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide and the US, US Zionists and Apartheid Israel refuse to acknowledge the genocidal nature of the atrocity. British and Australian invasion of Turkey in 1915 contributed to the deadly and catastrophic Turkish xenophobia but British and Australian historians have largely deleted this atrocity from their national histories. While Armenian American celebrity Kim Kardashian has demanded recognition of the 1.5 million-victim Armenian Genocide, arguing that genocide ignored will yield more genocide, even the most progressive of Australia’s major newspapers evidently does not want its readers to read, know or think about this.

The Armenian Genocide.
The Armenian Genocide commenced on 24 April 1915, the day before the Allied invasion Turkey at Gallipoli and 24 April is commemorated as Armenian Genocide Day. The 25 April is commemorated as Anzac Day by Australia and New Zealand after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) that was involved in the invasion that occurred after months of Allied shelling in the Dardanelles. The Turks were being attacked in the West by the British, French, Australian and New Zealand invaders and in the East by the Russians and this greatly exacerbated xenophobia to a deadly and disastrous level. The Armenian Genocide began with the rounding up of Armenian community leaders and thence butchery of the Armenian population with millions being driven into the Syrian desert to die. It is estimated that 1.5 million Armenians died in the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923) (see: ).

Armenian Genocide denial by Turkey, the US, racist Zionists and genocidal Apartheid Israel.
Turkey has consistently denied the reality of the Armenian Genocide and indeed has made assertion of an Armenian Genocide a criminal offence. The US, the pro-Zionists, the US B’nai B’rith (see: ), the racist Zionists and the race-based, genocidal, Anglo-American racist Zionist colony of Apartheid Israel all refuse to recognize the atrocity as an Armenian Genocide.

Australian Armenian Genocide ignoring and genocide ignoring in general.
Australia was intimately connected with the Armenian Genocide because its invasion of Turkey helped precipitate the genocidal destruction of the first Christian nation in the World. While Australia’s invasion of Turkey at Gallipoli is regarded by historians as a key event in Australia’s history and nation building, the linked Armenian Genocide is scrupulously ignored by Australian historians writing histories of Australia. Indeed Australia has been involved in 24 genocidal atrocities, 10 of them ongoing, but these are utterly ignored by Australian media, academics, politicians and people. Politically correct racist (PC racist) White Australia declares itself to be non-racist but has been involved in - and continues to be involved in - appalling genocidal atrocities, noting that genocide represents the ultimate in racism. Of course Australian mainstream media, academics and historians remorselessly ignore these Australia-complicit 24 genocides , including the Armenian Genocide (see Gideon Polya, “Australian Anzac, Armenian Genocide. Australia’s secret genocide history”, MWC News, 25 April 2011: ).
Australian genocide ignoring, and ignoring of the Armenian Genocide in particular, is well illustrated by recent censorship by The Age newspaper, arguably Australia’s most progressive Mainstream medium but pro-Zionist like the rest of the Australian Mainstream media. On 2 November 2011, The Age On-line National Times published an article by lawyer and writer Emma McDonald about the Kardashian celebrities and entitled , “Why do so many of us keep up with the vacuous Kardashians”: . Key quotes: “the reality is that millions of people follow the lives of the Kardashians. I take my hat (and fascinator) off to them for successfully and ruthlessly feeding the insatiable appetite of an audience hungry for news and information about a bunch of fabulous nobodies.” Kim Kardashian was visiting Australia in early November 2011 but left very upset after only a few days.
I sent the following 2 carefully researched comments on the article to The Age but both were completely censored, evidently as containing material that the Age does not want its readers to read, know or think about (for details of the article and the censorship see: ).
Censored comments #1: “Kim Kardashian is not just a "fabulous nobody" as asserted by the article but a person whose serious commitment to human rights should be urgently emulated by presently genocide-ignoring academics, journalists, politicians and Mainstream "celebrities" around the world, not least in look-the-other-way Australia.
Thus this is Kim Karadashian on the Armenian Genocide: "My family and I are incredibly proud of our heritage. My dad taught me a lot about Armenian culture, and I have a strong connection with my roots. Every year, I honor the memory of the martyrs who were killed during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Even though so many countries around the world recognize the Genocide, the government of Turkey still denies it. It happened before Rwanda, Darfur, and the Holocaust. Maybe none of those other genocides would have happened if more nations had condemned the Armenian Genocide, when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred."
Kim Kardashian is saying what the Mainstream steadfastly refuses to say. Thus the US refuses to acknowledge the genocidal reality of the Armenian Genocide and is complicit in an ongoing Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide, Somali Genocide, Afghan Genocide and Climate Genocide (Google these terms describing ongoing genocides recognized by non-racist scholars but essentially unknown to the taxpayer-funded ABC, "Muslim Holocaust, Muslim Genocide" and "Climate Genocide").”
Censored comments #2: “My previously-submitted, carefully researched comments having not been published, I feel morally compelled to re-state their essence in another way.
Kim Kardashian is not a "vacuous Kardashian" or "fabulous nobody" - she has spoken out about the Armenian Genocide (1.5 million murdered, 1915-1923) and the vital, core message (remorselessly ignored by Mainstream media, academics and politicians in the Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies) that ignoring genocide helps lead to new genocides.
Thus the following US Alliance-imposed genocides ignored by the mainstream (war-and occupation-related deaths/ refugees in parentheses): Palestinian Genocide (0.3 million/7 million), Iraqi Genocide (4.6 million/5-6 million), Afghan Genocide (5.6 million/3-4 million), Somali Genocide (2.2 million/2.0 million), Pakistani Pashtun Genocide (0.1 million?/2 million), Libyan Genocide (0.04 million/0.1 million) and the worsening Climate Genocide (about 10 billion people, overwhelmingly non-European, are predicted by top climate scientists to perish this century due to unaddressed man-made global warming).
To discover what Australian and Western mainstream academics , politicians and media (notoriously the taxpayer-funded ABC) resolutely ignore simply Google the above phrases. Holocaust ignoring is far, far worse than repugnant holocaust denial.?”
While non-historian, non-academic, non-college graduate Kim Kardashian has spoken out about the Armenia Genocide, given an estimate of how many people died (1.5 million) and enunciated the core message that genocide ignoring may lead to further genocides, leading Australian historian Professor Geoffrey Blainey (Companion of the Order of Australia and formerly of the University of Melbourne) totally ignored the Armenian Genocide in his books:
“A Short History if the World” (Viking 2000),
“A Very Short History of Australia” (Viking, 2004) and
“The Great Seesaw. A new view of the Western World, 1750-2000” (Macmillan, 1988).
Blainey is not alone as outlined below. With some notable exception, ignoring the Armenian Genocide and indeed ignoring of other Anglo-complicit genocidal atrocities seems de rigeur for English-speaking historians.

British historians ignoring of the Armenian Genocide.
British Imperialism against Turkey and the Ottoman Empire (tricking Turkey into WW1; British invasion of Iraq, 1914; British invasion of the Dardanelles, 1915) evidently exacerbated Turkish xenophobia. The Armenian Genocide occurred after months of Anglo-French shelling of the Dardanelles and specifically commenced the night before the Allied invasion at Gallipoli. Yet the Armenian Genocide is shockingly ignored by historians writing histories of England e.g. it is not mentioned, for example, in:
“A History of Britain” by E.H. Carter and R.A.F. Mears (Clarendon, 1960),
G.M. Trevelyan’s “History of England” (Longmans, 1960),
Colin McEvedy’s “The Century World History Factfinder” (Century 1984), and
Simon Schama’s “A History of Britain” (BBC, 2002).
Andrew Roberts’ 736-page “A History of the English-speaking Peoples” (Harper, 2007) merely allocates the following words: “nationalism is the antithesis of a cosmopolitan empire” [Hugh Trevor-Roper]. Although Armenians, who suffered badly, would take exception to that generalisation being extended to the Ottoman Empire” and
H.G. Wells’ “The Outline of History” (Cassell, revised edition, 1951). merely refers to post-WW1 massacres of Armenians: “He [the Turk] was not only driving back the attacking Greek, but he was, after his age-long traditions, massacring Armenians”. Just imagine a history of Germany that failed to mention the WW2 Holocaust.

Some decent Australian scholars reporting the Armenian Genocide.
Here is a brief list of books by decent Australian scholars reporting the Armenian Genocide:
Gideon Polya, “Body Count; Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007): .
Gideon Polya, “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 1998, 2008): .
Colin Tatz, “With Intent to Destroy. Reflections on Genocide” (Verso, London, 2003).
Tony Taylor, “Denial. History betrayed” (Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2008): .

Some examples other decent scholars reporting the Armenian Genocide.
F. Chalk and K. Jonassohn, “The History and Sociology of Genocide. Analyses and case studies” (Yale University Press, New Haven, 1990).
F. El-Ghusain, “Martyred Armenia” (C. Arthur Pearson, London, 1917).
Arnold Joseph Toynbee, “The treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon” (Hodder and Staughton, London, 1916): .

The Armenian Genocide killed 1.5 million Armenians in 1915-1923 but has been denied as a genocide by Turkey, the US, racist Zionists and genocidal Apartheid Israel. Armenians, notably Armenian American entrepreneur and celebrity Kim Kardashian, urge recognition of the Armenian Genocide, indicating that genocide ignored may lead to genocide repeated. While British, French, New Zealand and Australian invasion of Turkey on 25 April 1915 evidently disastrously exacerbated Turkish xenophobia and helped precipitate the Armenian Genocide, this atrocity has been remarkably excluded from Australian History and World History works by Australian historians and from histories of England and Britain. Genocide ignored yields genocide repeated and genocide ignoring is far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial or holocaust denial because the latter at least admit the possibility of debate.

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